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Even young students can learn some of the concepts of engineering used to create fascinating structures and do projects that help them apply the concepts. They will learn about:

  • Geodesic dome buildings and then build their own dome from mini marshmallows and toothpicks.
  • Roman arches and then assemble one from sugar cubes and glue.
  • Liquefaction, seismology, aquifers, corrosion, Newton's third law of motion, and much more!

The book features 25 hands-on projects and a glossary.

$13.95 $10.45

Is there a machine small enough to crawl in our digestive system? Can bacteria inspire nanotechnology? Can anyone go into a store and buy something with nanoparticles? The answer to each of these questions is yes. Vividly illustrated in full color, this book explains how nanotechnology is made, various ways it is used, and what nanotechnology is coming in the future.

$8.95 $6.75

Have some high-flying fun by creating a flying saucer or a fan, a psychedelic spinning pattern, or two other projects with this entertaining set. Requires three AA batteries, sold separately.

$14.95 $11.00

Zometool works with teachers and schools to develop these lesson plans that use Zome kits to teach math, science, art, and architecture. More than 60 lessons cover from early elementary to advanced high school concepts including geometric shapes, area, volume, Plato’s solids, spiral symmetry, Archimedean solids, and so much more!

$19.95 $7.50

For the experienced Zome user, this kit expands other Zome kits so students can build and learn about regular tetrahedra and octahedra, Archimedean solids, Platonic solids, octet trusses, and other mind-bending configurations. Includes 492 components and color instructions.

$49.95 $37.50

Pull a card and let the fun begin. These cards challenge students to use Zome components to build intriguing models. Includes 20 standards-based challenges for students ages 6 to 16, ranging from basic to out of the ordinary.

$9.95 $7.50

No playmate needed for this seesaw!

Featuring just one axle and two wheels, The Seesaw has half the friction and rotational inertia acting against it as compared to other mousetrap vehicles. After the mousetrap releases, the racer’s chassis seesaws briefly before balancing out for a clean run.

All parts come precut and predrilled for quick and easy assembly. The Seesaw travels 15-20 meters on average. Requires white glue and needle-nose pliers, sold separately.

$49.95 $37.50

This kit is designed for the teacher to experiment with different variables after making a basic mousetrap vehicle. The kit includes the same types of basic materials as found in the introductory kit, plus other materials to allow you to explore different options for developing mechanical advantage. The demo kit includes CD-ROMs, plastic wheels (two sizes), mousetraps, different-length lever arms, string, brass tubing, washers, steel axles, acetal axles, glue, balsa wood, rubber bands, and a copy of Doc Fizzix’s Mousetrap Powered Cars & Boats.

$65.00 $48.75

Designing and constructing boxes is quick and easy with the Boxmaker fixtures!

For making telescoping boxes; students choose the dimensions of the box (length, width, and depth) and use the scoring tool with the corresponding channels in the Boxmaker fixture to accurately score the box for folding. Glue or tape can be used to secure the box after it is folded. Then, students use the opposite side of the fixture to produce the lid for the box.

This fixture can also be used for manual scoring of more intricate box folds and patterns by drawing the position of the folds on the card stock and using the scoring tool above a channel in the fixture to provide a straight score every time.

The Boxmaker Mini Kit fixture is 4" x 6". A polycarbonate scoring tool and instructions are included with each kit.

$19.00 $5.95

Going beyond mere naming and computation to cover math concepts and language, Conceptual Bingo offers flexibility as well as learning fun. The calling cards provide six different ways to call out the numbers. This adds the flexibility to cover many topics with this one game – a great value for the classroom or home! Choose from one of three varieties: Fractions, Decimals, and Integers. Each game includes 36 playing cards, 360 plastic markers, more than 50 calling cards, and reproducible student sheets.

Conceptual Bingo – Fractions
Fractions are a pivotal point in math education. Conceptual Bingo helps students grasp topics such as naming and computing fractions, counting by fractions, fraction and operation concepts, and averaging.

Conceptual Bingo – Integers
Students a little glum about learning integers? Pep them up with Conceptual Bingo! They’ll learn to compute, interpret, and compare integers – plus learn the opposite and absolute values of a number – while trying to win the game.

Conceptual Bingo – Decimals
Don’t go dotty – Conceptual Bingo easily teaches students to compare and round decimals, to convert fractions to decimals, to understand operation concepts, and much more!

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Embark on a fun-filled journey and learn about lift, gravity, thrust, drag, air pressure, and the key ideas put forth by Daniel Bernoulli. Meet important people in aviation history and view real-life demonstrations of important concepts. Includes a hands-on activity that kids can do themselves.

$39.95 $29.96

A teacher’s resource book full of structural engineering activities. Fun, practical activities teach aspiring engineers about structures and scale. Great for introducing students to structures. Projects include building with straws, clay, and toothpicks; constructing paper bridges; building domes; and load-testing structures. Filled with helpful illustrations and photos of kids doing the activities. Includes teacher’s tips, discussion points, and extension options.

$45.95 $34.45
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