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Resupply your class with Design Solutions Logbooks for the 3-D Printing: Design Solutions Curriculum.

A new version of this notebook is now available (41471).

$150.00 $99.00

This notebook helps students record all their design work in one place. By using this notebook, students learn about the design process and complete tasks that lead them closer to the final design of a competition-ready, battery-operated car. The Engineering Notebook is used with the 3-D Printing: Vehicle Engineering Curriculum.

A new version of this notebook is now available (41470).

$150.00 $99.00

Start with explaining the language of algebra and how to solve problems, and then go further with warm-ups and specialized topics. This volume covers how to solve algebra problems, translating words into algebraic symbols, ages, coins, mixtures, formulas, rectangles, percents, and more. Reproducible student sheets; includes an answer key with explanations.

$29.95 $11.96

Your students experience probability and statistics frequently in their daily lives. They play games with spinners, coins, cards, or dice, which all involve probability. They also encounter statistics on food packaging, television commercials, and baseball cards.

The activities in this book engage students in active mathematical situations that are fun, exciting, and enable students to further develop mathematic literacy. If you and your students use a textbook for most math lessons, you will find this guide a welcome change from traditional math.

$23.00 $9.75

Engineering entails more than knowing the way things work. What do economics and ecology, aesthetics, and ethics have to do with the shape of a paper clip, the tab of a beverage can, or the cabin design of a turbojet? How do the idiosyncrasies of individual engineers, companies, and communities leave their mark on projects from Velcro to fax machines to waterworks? Invention by Design offers an insider’s look at these political and cultural dimensions of design, development, construction, and production.

$19.95 $14.96

This book is an ideal resource for teachers who want to challenge their students and at the same time reinforce basic skills. Math Games for Middle School reviews all the topics of the middle school curriculum, from addition and subtraction to plane and space geometry, graphing, and probability. Math Camps provide challenging ways to apply new skills and intriguing background about the human side of mathematics.

$16.95 $12.70

Forget about Frankenstein’s monster – stitching electronics and mechanics together creates an evil genius, not a monster!

The popular Evil Genius series continues with this book designed to teach students what they need to know to work in mechatronics: soldering; reading schematics; improvising; knowing the parts; and understanding science, electronics, and mechanics. The 25 projects include building an ionic motor, an electronic cannon, a touch-controlled motor, an experimental robotic arm, and the project known as The Mechatronic Talking Head.

$24.95 $18.95

Is there a machine small enough to crawl in our digestive system? Can bacteria inspire nanotechnology? Can anyone go into a store and buy something with nanoparticles? The answer to each of these questions is yes. Vividly illustrated in full color, this book explains how nanotechnology is made, various ways it is used, and what nanotechnology is coming in the future.

$8.95 $6.75

In case you think nanotechnology has something to do with Mork from Ork, the For Dummies series is here to clear up any confusion about this cutting-edge technology. What nanotechnology is, its current and potential uses, and much more are explored in this uncomplicated volume.

$26.95 $10.95

Using real-life situations such as calculating car payments and planning a business, this volume covers the basic concepts of algebra, linear equations, lines and distance, slopes and lines, parabolas, quadratic equations, and more. The updated edition features updated content and new lessons.

Fully reproducible book includes math concepts, answer keys, and extension activities.

$21.00 $15.75

A complete unit featuring MOVIT robots, introductory and intermediate levels. Purchase includes copyright site license to reproduce all materials for classroom use. Includes a variety of informational and practical resources. Offers teacher familiarization of background; robotics concepts; five learning modules with tests; activities with information, procedures, and data; research assignments; and appendices. Robotics kits sold separately.

$81.00 $29.96

A teacher’s resource book full of structural engineering activities. Fun, practical activities teach aspiring engineers about structures and scale. Great for introducing students to structures. Projects include building with straws, clay, and toothpicks; constructing paper bridges; building domes; and load-testing structures. Filled with helpful illustrations and photos of kids doing the activities. Includes teacher’s tips, discussion points, and extension options.

$45.95 $34.45

Understanding Flight bypasses common distortions, misconceptions, and half-truths and gives your students a brain- and gut-level understanding of what gets a plane up in the sky and keeps it there. Students will learn the whys and hows of wing shape, stability and control, propulsion systems, flight testing, high-speed flight, and more. This second edition includes helicopter-flight fundamentals and aircraft structures.

The principles of flight are often parroted but widely misunderstood. Now your students can be among those who truly get it.

$34.95 $26.25

Zometool works with teachers and schools to develop these lesson plans that use Zome kits to teach math, science, art, and architecture. More than 60 lessons cover from early elementary to advanced high school concepts including geometric shapes, area, volume, Plato’s solids, spiral symmetry, Archimedean solids, and so much more!

$19.95 $7.50