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Algebra Academy Curriculum Components

Cooperative Learning

An overarching goal of Pitsco Education's Algebra Academy project-based curriculum is for students to become responsible learners and to work cooperatively with others. In Phase II and Phase III, the curriculum is student directed and gives students control of their own learning experience while expanding their mathematical literacy. The cooperative learning process strengthens students’ ability to think and reason, communicate and interpret the mathematical concepts they encounter, and develop more powerful ways of identifying and expressing insights. The hands-on projects they share in common ultimately promote positive communication, teamwork, inquiry, learning, and social skills and more effectively develop their ability to formulate ideas and solve complex problems. Moreover, every student’s unique learning style is accommodated in the project-based curriculum. Whether a student is a kinesthetic or visual learner, a nonreader, or a speaker of English as a second language, the Algebra Academy courses ensure student success through a combination of text, graphics, video, and experiential learning activities. Each curriculum title has been meticulously developed to meet state and national standards with a heavy emphasis on depth over breadth, giving students highly interconnected learning experiences in core mathematical concepts.
  • Builds communications skills
  • Accommodates multiple learning styles
  • Promotes teamwork
  • Student-directed learning
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