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Built for Student Success

Classroom Management


From our many years in education, we’ve learned that instructors must experience a curriculum firsthand and build both a knowledge base and a comfort level before they can be successful. We make the transition to our high school solution an easy one through a comprehensive seminar – four days of professional development in which participants learn and explore each facet of the curriculum while earning graduate credit. When facilitators return to their schools, that support continues with superior, personal customer service via phone, e-mail, and Internet.


Our uniquely designed management system is an integral part of a Pitsco Education high school classroom. Encompass is used to schedule students, keep them on task, monitor their activities, and record their progress. By handling some of the day-to-day details, the management system gives instructors more time to do what they do best – teach and work one-on-one with students. Encompass includes powerful reporting features as well. Teachers can easily create a progress report to share with the student, parents/guardians, or administrators. Any Encompass report can be printed or exported to an HTML file.


SIM is a powerful teacher-enablement software program. It’s a searchable compilation of all the worksheets, activity sheets, equipment lists, answer keys, instructor’s guides, and other manuals and documents – all in one program. SIM includes detailed descriptions of each activity in each segment, including the goals of the activity, what equipment is used, and any special instructions needed to complete the activity. It also contains a Parent Briefing for each curriculum title, which is designed to inform parents of the content and activities their child is completing.


Two invaluable resources serve as direct links between Pitsco Education developers, curriculum specialists, customer service, teachers, and administrators:
  • The Pitsco Network magazine provides an in-depth look at education and its impact on teachers. In addition, it includes valuable information and tips for successfully facilitating a Pitsco Education classroom.
  • The network.pitsco.com Web site is a password-protected, dedicated resource where teachers can find the latest news, download updates, and support information. There’s also a teacher forum, where facilitators can meet and discuss the management and facilitation of their labs with fellow teachers and staff.