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Pitsco Education Curriculum

Pitsco Education designs and provides educational solutions to meet the specific needs of schools and districts. We understand that the wants and needs of educators and learners are distinct and unique, and we believe that effective solutions should engage, motivate, and inspire all learners.

Below are PDFs of literature about some of our flexible classroom solutions. If you have a specific need, please contact us.

K-8 Solutions Brochure

The benefits of Pitsco Education STEM solutions are focused on student success now and in the future. Students don't only engage in learning, they also acquire and strengthen future-ready skills throughout a variety of STEM experiences. STEM solutions integrate college and career readiness and make a positive impact on local business and industry while providing academically relevant learning opportunities for students in kindergarten through Grade 8. Our K-8 STEM continuum presents K-8 Pitsco Education curriculum offerings, benefits of these offerings, and a sample K-8 STEM continuum solution.

Elementary Curriculum Guide

The needs of elementary schools are as unique as those of middle and high schools, and no solution created for the upper-level environments can be expected to work well in the lower grade levels. Pitsco Education takes what’s been proven to work in a “systemic” classroom and applies it to the age-appropriate needs of the elementary school student. The combination of these features makes our elementary STEM curriculum especially effective.

Math Curriculum Guide

Pitsco Education math solutions incorporate extensive hands-on learning activities and real-world learning experiences that connect mathematical practices to content and provide real-world relevance to learning math. Implementing Pitsco Education as your math solution means students of all learning styles, academic abilities, and socioeconomic backgrounds are able to experience academic success on their way to becoming college and workforce ready. This curriculum solutions guide for math provides a variety of options for Integrated Math, Algebra Readiness, and Algebra I.

Science Curriculum Guide

Pitsco Education science curriculum employs a unique program scope and sequence designed to introduce students to the foundational concepts of inquiry-based learning and the scientific process. Students navigate through a progression of instruction where they inquire, hypothesize, research, experiment, analyze data, and draw conclusions. This curriculum solutions guide presents a variety of options designed around curriculum aligned with core content for Earth, physical, and life science.

STEM Curriculum Guide

The foundation of Pitsco Education’s curriculum methodology is built upon four key components: framework, curriculum, enablement, and environment. By developing our STEM curriculum upon these four components, we’ve created a consistent delivery methodology that provides quality, real-world learning experiences and, ultimately, student success in the STEM disciplines.

Every curriculum title ensures that student learning remains positive and consistent in diverse school settings and is filled with the kinds of reading, writing, math, science, technology, and hands-on activities that make for a complete, educationally sound learning system and curriculum. In a Pitsco Education STEM lab, students of all learning styles, academic ability, and socioeconomic backgrounds are able to experience academic success on their way to becoming college and workforce ready.