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Helping Students and Teachers Achieve Their Goals

A Student-Centered Classroom


A primary goal of Pitsco Education’s elementary solution is to overcome the obstacles of teaching elementary STEM content. Our instructional system was created to be convenient to use and easy to implement while affording the teacher more time with students.

An overview of key features shows how our curriculum meets the daily needs of teachers.  

Teacher Orientation prepares the teacher to coordinate, manage, and teach his or her new curriculum. This orientation is administered by a certified curriculum specialist.

Teachers discover the benefits of a “systems” approach to teaching and learning. A student-centered curriculum frees the teacher to interact with small groups, knowing other students are engaged and on task. Preparation time is reduced, and classroom management features are incorporated into the system.

Classroom management is written into our elementary curriculum. Record keeping, assessment, and other management responsibilities are integrated into the system to ensure a smooth-running classroom.

As with all Pitsco Education products, customer service is available to any teacher for the life of the curriculum title used in the classroom.

Finally, our system was designed to be easy to implement as a STEM-centric solution. This system can be used as a full science curriculum, as a hands-on component for an existing science class, or even as a content-rich,
after-school program.