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Where STEM Education Meets Soft Skills

Relevant and Engaging


Our curriculum is designed to promote student success for Grades 3-6. Reading, activity, and concept levels match the varying grade levels.

Teamwork through assigned roles is a common theme of these age-appropriate lessons, giving students a true sense of what working together really means.

Every unique unit of instruction includes relevant, engaging, hands-on activities to introduce and reinforce the STEM concepts of the curriculum. Student teams of four known as Crews explore engaging science concepts while practicing their teamwork and communication skills.

Notebook instructions are delivered consistently throughout the curriculum, making the process quickly familiar and allowing for easier classroom management.

A versatile learning environment offers teachers flexibility and mobility. Multiple titles can be stored in our unique workstations and can easily be moved to another classroom or a storage area.

The Home Link activities are divided into Home Math Links and Home Science Links. These optional enrichments include instructions for students and parents to complete a relevant learning activity at home with household materials.