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Cooperative Learning at its Best

How Elementary STEM Curriculum Works


Our elementary STEM curriculum is a set of team-based lessons covering all areas of science. Each  unit of instruction is dedicated to a specific topic, such as magnetism or ocean life, and all units are delivered in a similar fashion to help facilitate classroom management.

A closer look at our instructional framework shows how Pitsco Education has designed a solution that effectively builds STEM literacy at the elementary level.


Every curriculum title contains four to five segments, called intervals. Within each interval, students complete a hands-on activity.
Team based and student centered. Each team of four completes their unit by following directions included in the lesson. Included video, audio, text, and graphical instructions are tailored to each activity, based on the student age level.

Cooperative learning is a central component of our elementary solution. To ensure team success in solving scientific challenges and conducting hands-on activities, each student rotates through four distinct roles of responsibility. This unique process fosters a level of teamwork not found in a tradition science classroom.

Reading and communication skills are key. Reading and language arts skills are a critical part of elementary education, and Pitsco Education places a heavy emphasis on reading and communication throughout the curriculum.

Assessment is built in. Each title contains a consistent assessment system. Attendance, scores, and personal goals are recorded, and each can be easily modified to fit your school’s policies and requirements.

Home Links get parents involved. Home Links are optional home-completed components that include directions for the student and an adult to complete a math or science activity using materials from home.