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A Green Education

Pitsco brings eco-friendly concepts into the classroom with new Modules
Get students’ interest peaked in thinking about the environment around them with Pitsco’s new Green Modules.

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The Modules, Carbon Footprint, Changing Oceans, Eco-Architecture, Future Fuels, Garbology, Going Green, Green Machines, Mission to Mars, Rocks & Resources, and Sustainable Agriculture, are standards-based science content presented to students in a hands-on, relevant, and real-world format.

Each Module includes at least three math/science enrichments that expound on the content covered. These enrichments usually present a math or science problem to be solved by the students and show the relevance of using math and science in life situations.

In Pitsco Education Module labs, teachers facilitate learning in the student-centered environment and work one-on-one and one-on-two to ensure student understanding. An added benefit of the Green Modules is that students learn about making green choices and being good stewards of the world in which they live.

Pitsco’s Green Modules:
  • In the Carbon Footprint Module, students learn about four major sectors that contribute to Earth’s carbon emissions – transportation, agriculture, consumerism, and energy, and learn simple steps they can take to lessen their carbon emissions.
  • The Changing Oceans Module leads students on a tour of ocean problems and introduces them to important science concepts along the way.
  • The Eco-Architecture Module enables students to explore a variety of alternative home-building methods that are more sustainable and more energy efficient than our current, typical construction.
  • In Future Fuels, students follow the path of the Sun’s energy and learn how humans have utilized its many forms over time. They also learn why we need to explore energy alternatives and how we can use them to help preserve and protect the environment.
  • Garbology delves deep into the world of waste, helping students get an idea of the scope of the garbage problem.
  • The Going Green Module is all about what we can do to be a little “greener” in and around the home.
  • In the Green Machines Module, students examine the social and environmental costs associated with different modes of travel, and look at the negative impact on air quality.
  • Mission to Mars integrates the concepts of green living to the current research being conducted for a planned mission to the planet Mars, such as water conservation, food availability, energy needs, global warming, and ozone depletion to name a few.
  • In Rocks & Resources, students learn what it takes to get raw materials out of the ground or ocean, and see firsthand that using rocks as resources can (if not well controlled) wreak havoc on the environment.The
  • Sustainable Agriculture Module introduces students to modern farming practices and provides students the opportunity to compare eco-friendly food-production methods to more traditional methods.
Learn more about Green Modules and other Pitsco Education STEM solutions. Watch a video about Green Modules beta testing on Pitsco’s YouTube page.