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Welcome To Customer Support

Welcome to Customer Support

Do you sometimes wonder if personal service has become a thing of the past? Lots of companies talk about it; you hear it on the radio and TV all the time. Every car salesman and insurance company promises it to you, but how often do you really receive it? At Pitsco Education, this is something we always strive to provide. We have worked hard to create a service network that offers a more personal nature to the professional relationship we have established with you. Whether it be through our internal service, our field service representatives, or one of the many sales organizations that represent us around the country, we hope to supply this personal touch.

In all honesty, we receive compliments aplenty regarding customer service, which we greatly appreciate. The funny thing is that we feel like we are just doing what we should be doing and not really anything special. I am often asked what the “secret” is to providing good customer service. My response is always the same: “It’s no big secret. Just be nice, do what you say you are going to do, and deliver just a bit more than you would expect to receive as a customer yourself.” In our experience, following those simple ideals will result in satisfied customers.

Great service has been important to Pitsco since its beginning over 30 years ago. We continue to work hard to uphold this founding principle.

Customer Support Staff

Tony Soria
Regional Technical Support – Texas
Joel Howard
Pitsco Education Curriculum Support Supervisor
Darris Lassiter
Pitsco Education Curriculum Support

Stan Sanders
Pitsco Education Curriculum Support
Buddy Probert
Pitsco Education Curriculum Support
Vance Spillman
Regional Technical Support – Texas