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Classroom Management

Powerful tools to manage powerful learning

Walking into a Modules classroom can be both intimidating and exhilarating to teachers. The dynamic nature of the environment, the wide range of equipment and materials, and the unique layout of the room require a different approach to managing the learning experiences Modules provide for students.

Synergy, our fully integrated, browser-based content management system, provides teachers with all the resources to manage and monitor student activity and performance. The Faculty Portal provides teachers easy access to a content management area where they can schedule Module rotations; monitor lessons, assignments, and activities; and administer assessments. Synergy provides all the features teachers expect from a content-delivery and student-data management system.

For the student, Synergy provides password-protected access so they can monitor and better manage their learning experiences. The Student Portal allows each student to log on – individually or with their partner – to complete assigned Modules, activities, and assessments. Synergy provides easy navigation to previously viewed content and instant navigation to each student’s last point of activity in any Module, including those they have completed, those currently assigned, and others that have been extended or may be incomplete.