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Learning Environment

A unique place to learn

At Pitsco Education, we have a fundamental belief that in order for students to succeed, they require an environment that encourages communication – a space that fosters cooperative learning and opportunities to engage in problem solving and critical thinking. So we designed the learning environment for Modules to be just as unique to students as the content. It’s a classroom unlike any other. Our workstations are specifically designed and manufactured to work in concert with our curriculum and to promote and ensure effective cooperative learning and individual student success.

Pitsco Education Modules’ dramatically different learning environment sparks fundamental changes in attitude as soon as students enter the room. When the environment evokes a change in a student’s attitude toward learning, it stimulates revolutionary learning. Students find the Modules classroom a non-threatening atmosphere, a place where they are safe to engage in and take responsibility for their own learning. It’s where the teacher doesn’t stand at the front of the room but instead moves freely, interacting with students throughout the entire classroom. It’s where students work cooperatively and break down social barriers. It’s a place where success is the rule, not the exception.

Manufactured to unequaled specifications and quality standards, Pitsco Education's environments are unmatched in the industry and meet the rigorous durability, usability, and flexibility demands of today’s students. With Pitsco Education's workstations in your classroom, you end up with an environment that is every bit as revolutionary as our curriculum.