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K-12 Science Curriculum Helps Build Foundation for Success in Math

Innovative Synergistic Missions provides elementary students with skills in pre-algebra

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“Why do I need to know this?” is a question sometimes asked aloud and often thought by students. Tables, charts, and graphs are examples of graphic organizers that are frequently used in the real world by adults at home and on the job. These same organizers are used in Synergistic Missions to help students see the relevance of mathematical information relating to each Mission topic.

The analysis of graphical information and the creation of graphically organized data are skills needed by students preparing for algebra. All Missions contain a Math Link and a Home Math Link. Both of these components normally contain graphic organizers.

Other pre-algebra skills include solving for unknowns and using formulas. Students work with fractions in Forces. Students learn to balance equations in Levers. They also practice measurement – length, volume, and weight – in various situations. Geometric concepts are also provided in hands-on activities, such as drawing to scale and creating three-dimensional shapes in Home Design. Each of these helps build a foundation of necessary skills in the multifaceted requirements of pre-algebra.

Students learn many pre-algebra skills within Synergistic Missions while they build their repertoire of science concepts.