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Upgrade Your Lab with the Addition of Algebra Modules

New Algebra Modules are a nice fit to existing labs

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Pitsco Algebra Modules provide hands-on activities in subject areas other than math. These Modules give your lab a bigger bang for the buck by providing students with additional exposure and real-world usage of algebra concepts.

If you have a technology lab, adding Home Makeover or updating Light & Lasers, and BioEngineering increases the number of math standards addressed. In addition, your students have some interesting technology-related applications of pre-algebra.

If you have an FCS lab, adding or updating Hotel Management, Statistical Analysis, and Confident Consumer can give your students a math boost.

Our Modules have always included math concepts. So, adding or updating any of the 28 Modules written to focus on Pre-algebra and Algebra I skills will keep the lab filled with hands-on activities and give your students an edge toward being successful in "the gateway course".