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In Support of Synergy

Customer Service has the answer

Synergy has been in widespread use across the country for several months now. It has been an educational experience for all of us. We have learned there are many features we still need to add and many issues we need to address, which our Development staff is diligently doing.

In the Customer Service Department, we had become accustomed to knowing the answer to just about any situation that arose. However, with the release of any new product come new challenges and scenarios that must be understood and addressed.

Following are some of the most frequently asked Synergy questions.

How do I schedule students into Orientation?

Orientation must be handled differently than a regular Module because all students normally take Orientation at the same time. Therefore, you should use the Assignment Management option to assign students into Orientation, rather than scheduling them into it. One Assignment should be created, choosing Orientation as the Lesson and then assigning it to all students.

What do the dates mean when I am creating my Terms and Periods?

In the current release of Synergy, these dates are for informational purposes only. This will not affect students’ ability to access Modules.

If I get a new student and want to schedule him or her for Orientation, what should I do?

After the new student has been added to the class, you should assign them the Orientation Lesson that was already created for the rest of the class. A common mistake is creating a new Assignment every time there is a new student. This will cause the Grade Book to be very confusing, as there will be multiple entries for Orientation.

If the due date for Orientation has passed, the new student would access Orientation from his or her Incomplete Assignment list.

I know my students have received grades, but when I open the Grade Book, no grades appear.

This is probably due to the date ranges in the Grade Book not being accurate. The From date must be equal to or prior to the start of a Rotation for the Grade Book to display grades for that rotation. By default, the Grade Book dates dynamically adjust based on the current date. However, after you have modified these dates, the modifications will be kept until modified again.

Should I schedule students into rotations or should I use the Assignment Manager?

This depends on the unique scenario at your school. However, for most situations, generating a schedule is the fastest and easiest way to get students into Modules.

What is the difference between Rotation Days and Assignment Days at the Scheduler screen?

The Rotation Days field refers to the number of class periods you expect a rotation to last. The Assignment Days field refers to the number of class periods that students have to complete a Module.

If I receive an update to a Module, do I install it on the workstation or on the server?

There could be exceptions, but usually the update needs to be installed on the server only, and the workstation configuration can remain as it is.

Hopefully, you will find some of these scenarios helpful in making your Module lab run smoothly. We will continue to improve Synergy by adding features, making updates easier, and implementing fail-safe changes that prevent data corruption.

As stated earlier, this is a learning experience for all of us, and we appreciate your input, patience, and feedback. Thank you!