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Customers First!

Customer Service and Quality Products

Harvey Dean
President and CEO

During my years as a teacher, the two primary features that caused me to be a repeat customer with a company were customer service and quality of product.

As the original developer of system solutions – often copied but never matched in quality – we determined within the first three years of the launch of Pitsco Modules that service and quality were a commitment that would not be compromised for any reason! Now, almost 20 years later, we remain absolutely committed to those two assurances to every school, every teacher, and every student using our Systems.

Each year, I receive hundreds of written and verbal comments of appreciation for the service that our professional development staff, customer service representatives, and educational representatives provide. As a former teacher, my heart is pleased that each and every Pitsco Education employee owns and ensures success for every teacher and student in our more than 4,000 programs throughout the United States.

Thank you for ensuring the learning moments and successes of your students.