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The Pitsco Network is published five times each year (bimonthly, except June-July). Information and articles are geared to teachers and administrators in schools where Pitsco Education products are used. Story ideas, suggestions, and full-text submissions are welcome. Please send them to Editor Tom Farmer at publicrelations@pitsco.com or P.O. Box 1708, Pittsburg, KS 66762.

Current Issue


Current Issue: February-March 2017

STEM Expeditions® – Exploring the unknown

New curriculum fosters learning experiences that build skills for life.

New STEM Expeditions
Learn how program differs from Modules

STEM Expeditions pilot programs
Teachers from CA to NC share thoughts

Summer STEM program
California migrant program engages students

FarMaker Space at Montessori school
TETRIX, 3-D printing on farm