Robotics STEM Units

Whole Class Soutions for Grades 6-8: Available Fall 2015

No question, students are engaged with Pitsco TETRIX® PRIME robots. Now what?

Pitsco Education’s Robotics STEM Units convert the excitement and engagement of robotics into learning outcomes.

Robotics STEM Units provide educators with teacher-led, team-based curriculum that delivers interconnected science, technology, engineering, and math lessons that span three or nine weeks.

  • No prerequisites
  • Serves 24 students
  • Uses common tools and materials

TETRIX MAX features heavy-duty, aircraft-grade aluminum elements for construction. The same durability of the TETRIX MAX Robotics Building System is applied to the TETRIX PRIME Building System.

TETRIX PRIME features a patented Quick Rivet system, allowing for quick assembly and disassembly of builds.

The two systems are fully compatible, and the combination of TETRIX MAX and PRIME provides an ideal platform for creativity and unlimited design possibilities.

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