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Algebra Academy Curriculum Components

Diagnostic Days

As students progress through Phases II and III, they complete 14 unique hands-on, project-based curriculum titles. Each curriculum title is completed in a single rotation over nine class periods. During each rotation, the fifth and ninth class periods have been reserved for Diagnostic Days intentionally designed to assess student progress and provide an opportunity to measure whether a student fully understands the concepts being taught or is in need of remediation. Students in need of remediation are assigned Individualized Prescriptive Lessons™ aligned to the algebraic concepts being covered in each unit of instruction. Students who have mastered the concepts receive additional instruction in the form of enrichment activities. This enables the Algebra Academy facilitator to accurately evaluate each student’s progress and provide additional instruction where needed.
  • Student assessment
  • Targeted remediation
  • Enrichment activities
  • One-to-one computing
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