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Algebra Academy Curriculum Components

Hands-on, Project-based Curriculum

The Pitsco Education Algebra Academy was developed to provide educators with a nontraditional alternative to teaching Algebra Readiness and Algebra I. The curriculum is a combination of individual, whole class, and cooperative learning instruction. Each course begins with a diagnostic assessment followed by Individualized Prescriptive Lessons™. This first phase of instruction is designed to assess and remediate each student’s level of knowledge of basic math concepts in preparation for the more advanced algebraic concepts encountered in Phase II and Phase III. These two phases of instruction separate the Pitsco Education courses from traditional methods of teaching algebra. The emphasis shifts from conceptual learning to applied, project-based instruction. Students work in cooperative learning pairs and rotate through 14 unique hands-on, project-based curriculum titles. Each title is computer based, student directed, and replete with hands-on activities developed to provide students with real-world applications of algebraic concepts. This approach effectively combines focused, coherent, highly interconnected core topical strands with project-based activities that make the math meaningful and relevant.
  • Individual, whole class, and cooperative pair learning
  • Project-based instruction
  • Hands-on activities
  • Conceptual, applied learning methodology
  • Innovative rotational delivery model
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