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Teacher of the Month - January 2015

Name: Tim Jones

Role: Science Teacher

School: Harris County High School

Located: Hamilton, Georgia

Number years teaching: First year


What do you teach and what grade?

I teach biology and physical science, 9-12.

Why do you like what you teach?

I love all areas of science, specifically chemistry and physics. With any science course, you can make it engaging and hands on by bringing real-world science into the classroom. I wanted to share how science influences everyday life, and you can do that with biology and physical science.

Did you always want to be a teacher?

I have always contemplated becoming a high school science teacher. I majored in chemistry with an emphasis on research and thought I would pursue my PhD in a science field. However, I wanted a backup plan just in case and decided to join Columbus State’s UTeach program that was just being introduced. I decided to take a course to see if I liked teaching. I can remember teaching my first lesson and looking at those elementary students learning science. They were so excited to be learning science. It was a tremendously gratifying feeling. As I progressed through the UTeach program, I liked being in the classroom, helping students better understand the concepts of science. That’s when I knew that I was going to become a teacher instead of a research scientist.

Why do you like to teach with hands-on products?

Science should be as engaging as possible. Learning something from a book does not have the same impact that hands-on learning does. Students stay more focused, and research continually shows that hands-on practice leads to better cognitive understanding of the concepts.

How does using hands-on products improve the students’ learning experiences?

It makes science more fun. The students do not seem to complain as much about doing inquiry labs as they do about notes. Why lecture to your students when they can receive the same information by doing it themselves?

How long have you been using Pitsco Education products?

Approximately three years.

What is your favorite Pitsco Education product and why?

During student teaching, I was able to have the students understand potential and kinetic energy using the roller coaster track. Students seem to be really engaged with this product, and it helps them thoroughly understand the relationship between kinetic and potential energy.

How do the students respond to Pitsco Education products?

They always get excited when I use the Pitsco Education products. It makes the lessons more interesting and engaging, and they always talk about the labs and how fun they are.

What's your greatest teaching accomplishment?

This is my first year teaching, and I have to say that I felt accomplished when my students told me this is their favorite class and that they have learned so much over the semester. It was exciting to see them all grow and reach their full potential this semester.

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