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We customize STEM professional development to meet your needs

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By Tim Cannell, Educational Relationships Manager

Raise your hand if you’ve ever sat in a teacher in-service or professional development and thought, “This is a waste of time and I’m getting nothing out of it that I can use in my classroom!”

I’m guessing that many of you mentally raised your hand. Obtaining relevant and engaging professional development for teachers is a real challenge for most administrators. Let’s be honest, you can only sit through so many standards-related or classroom-management sessions before you become numb to the information.

Pitsco is ready to meet this challenge with its newly created STEM professional development. Our Teacher Education team has created an experience based on a few simple goals:

  • Relevant – The content needs to be something you can actually use in your classroom.
  • Engaging – This isn’t a sit-and-listen professional development.
  • Educational – Yes, we actually want you to learn something.

Working closely with you, Pitsco Education develops tailored professional development that meets the specific needs and unique challenges of your students and school. Sessions during the professional-development seminar focus on topic-related STEM connections, and participants will also gain a better understanding of STEM, learn strategies that will help teach STEM concepts to students, join in group discussions with other teachers, experience practical applications that transfer directly to the classroom, and leave with product that is ready to use with students.

The professional development is delivered in either a half- or full-day experience, and topics can be specific to grade ranges K-10, with teachers grouped accordingly.

If you’re looking for STEM professional development that is relevant, engaging, and educational, then it’s time to put the power of Pitsco Education to work for you today. Contact me directly at tcannell@pitsco. com or visit us at pitsco.com.