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Pitsco Education Podcasts

This collection of podcasts offers listeners an opportunity to learn about Pitsco Education products and curriculum from educators with firsthand experience. Discover how they are using Pitsco STEM curriculum and materials to achieve student success everywhere, every day. Just select a podcast below and click the play button in the corresponding player.

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3-D printing curriculum designed to engage students like never before

3-D printing curriculum developer Jered Dean discusses how projects can be designed for students of all ages.
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STEM East: Part II

Part II in a look at the STEM East initiative in the Eastern Region of North Carolina.
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The shift to STEM in the Eastern Region of North Carolina

STEM East sprouts from Eastern Region to serve as link between education and business/industry.
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Connecting with Careers in the Community - Brownwood, Texas

Local businesses play a large role in the shaping of career-centered curriculum in Brownwood, Texas.
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Chartering a new path: ASTEC Charter School

Dr. Freda Deskin explains how ASTEC Charter School in Oklahoma City use its solutions from Pitsco Education.
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Interview with ACTE Executive Director Jan Bray

In this podcast, ACTE Executive Director Jan Bray talks about STEM education.
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Podcast 9: John Ratzenberger is "Made in America"

In this podcast, John Ratzenberger – perhaps best known for his role as Cliff Claven, the know-it-all mailman on the Emmy award-winning television series "Cheers" – recently made his second visit to the Pitsco Education campus. John has joined Pitsco Education to promote our hands-on products and curriculum solutions in conjunction with the Nuts, Bolts, and Thingamajigs Foundation, an organization he co-founded to promote a new generation of "tinkerers." Listen as we explore what John calls "The Manual Arts" and what it means to be "Made in America."
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Podcast 8: Introducing TETRIX®, our newest high-tech robotics system

In this podcast, Lisa Paterni, president of Pitsco Education, talks about her recent trip to Denver, Colorado, to attend the 2009 Technology Student Association National Conference and Pitsco Education’s unique long-term relationship with the TSA organization. Paul Uttley, Pitsco Education’s research and development manager, talks about the recent release of the TETRIX® robotics building system and the impact the product is having for students worldwide.
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Podcast 7: Dropout-prevention program proving successful

In this podcast, Pitsco Teacher Education Specialist Mark Maskell attends the 2009 Star Academy Symposium and talks with Star Academy Administrator Eric Gambrell. Mr. Gambrell is one of many educators involved in the Star Academy Program, an award-winning dropout-prevention solution.
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Podcast 6: Ohio charter school turns to Modules curriculum

In this podcast, two educators from a charter school in Akron, Ohio, are preparing to implement a Modules lab designed to help students who have dropped out of school. Tom Farmer, communications manager and editor of The Network Magazine, talks about how the magazine has evolved over the years and how it can benefit educators.
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Podcast 5: A look at our STEM-based Engineering Academy

In this podcast, Tony Siske, a second-year Modules facilitator, talks about his experience in a Modules lab and the training he’s received in our Modules teacher-training workshop. Product Development Manager Bill Holden discusses our newest STEM-based curriculum being offered in our Engineering Academy.
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Podcast 4: 14-year veteran returns to a new Modules lab

In this podcast, a veteran Modules facilitator returns to the Pitsco Education campus after 14 years to receive new training for his newly updated Modules lab. Teacher Education Specialist Mark Maskell talks about some time-saving options available to educators seeking professional development opportunities.
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Podcast 3: From the business world to teaching in a Modules lab

In this podcast, we’ll meet Abraham Sims, a Modules facilitator who recently left a career in business to become a teacher. Teacher Education Specialist Mark Maskell then offers a few key suggestions on how best to prepare your lab for the fall semester.
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Podcast 2: Returning to the classroom

In this podcast, Bill Russell returns to the classroom after a few years out of teaching and looks forward to the benefits of a brand-new Modules lab awaiting him in North Carolina. Customer Service Manager Joel Howard then discusses the features and benefits of our new learning content management system, Synergy.
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Podcast 1: A look at our updated high school curriculum . . . Suites

In this podcast, Modules Facilitator Matt Barrett, from Burlington Middle School in Burlington, Kansas, shares his insights about his updated Modules lab, and Director of Education Matt Frankenbery discusses the updates being made to Suites, our high school curriculum.
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