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STEM Force

Earth’s greatest STEM heroes unite. STEM Force brings together the combined forces of science, technology, engineering, and math to make the world a better place.

STEM Force Solution, February-March 2017

Enna’s intense determination makes her a natural leader to the team, even though she prefers to stay out of the spotlight. An expert in mechanical engineering, she designed much of the specialized equipment used by STEM Force.
Extremely gifted with numbers, Mattie loses herself daydreaming about mathematics and doesn’t notice things going on around her. At the same time, she often dazzles the team by noticing patterns that others miss. She is always ready to come down from the clouds and use her knowledge to help STEM Force.
Sam fell in love with science while gazing at the night sky above his boyhood home in Japan. His sense of natural wonder led him to study chemistry and physics. Before joining STEM Force, he worked as a researcher at CERN supercollider.
A highly creative challenge-seeker, Tevin has so many clever ideas he must remind himself to actually finish one project before starting another. In addition to being the youngest member on STEM Force, Tevin also works as a software designer, an inventor, and a writer.