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News Releases

Roll a WRO™ strike with TETRIX®

Give your team the edge it needs with Pitsco building system

(May 20, 2015) – If you aim to roll a strike in the 2015 World Robot Olympiad bowling game, be sure to start with the TETRIX® WRO™ Challenge Full Set. ( Printable PDF ) The new bowling game in the University Regular category has teams around the . . .

From trend to standard, 3-D printing enters the classroom curriculum

PITTSBURG, KS (May 13, 2015) – 3-D printing is more than the latest tech trend – it is fast becoming an industry standard, which makes it essential for many classrooms. ( Printable PDF ) Pitsco Education is doing its part by developing 3-D . . .

May 2015 Teacher of the Month

Pitsco Education's May 2015 Teacher of the Month: Kevin Jacoves, Middletown, NJ Why do you like to teach with hands-on products? Science is learned by doing. I still remember the amazement I felt when zinc-plating pennies in my sixth-grade . . .

PSU Names Track After Dr. Harvey Dean

PITTSBURG, KS (April 21, 2015) - Pittsburg State University has announced that the 300-meter track in the new Robert W. Plaster Center has been named the Harvey Dean Track in recognition of a major gift from Dr. Harvey Dean, co-founder and CEO of . . .

Hearlihy catalog a drafter's dream

PITTSBURG, KS (April 14, 2015) – Drafting requires many different tools to create precise, intricate designs. From compasses to architect scales and more, the April 2015 Hearlihy Drafting & Supplies catalog has everything a drafter needs. ( . . .

April 2015 Teacher of the Month

Pitsco Education's April 2015 Teacher of the Month: Kerri Comans, Moody, AL Did you always want to be a teacher? Absolutely! I played school throughout my childhood. I would collect old worksheets from my teachers and use them to teach my baby . . .

Gearhead contest to highlight original TETRIX builds on website

PITTSBURG, KS (April 1, 2015) – Robotics enthusiasts create amazing robots, whether for competition or for the fun of building. At the TETRIX® Robotics website, we want to see those robots and how they were built. ( Printable PDF ) Starting in . . .

1st-Quarter 2015 Scholarship Winner

Pitsco Education's 1st-Quarter 2015 Scholarship Winner: Staci Andrews, Los Angeles, CA Why do you like what you teach? I love to teach because it never feels like I am working. Every day is fun, and I enjoy the reward of seeing my students learn . . .

Two companies, one excellent testing service

Strong TFI-CTECS partnership means secure testing for students

PITTSBURG, KS (March 9, 2015) – College-entrance exams. Workplace-readiness tests. Career-and-technical-education testing. In today's world, testing has become a crucial step in education. With careers and college awards on the line, safe and secure . . .

March 2015 Teacher of the Month

Pitsco Education's March 2015 Teacher of the Month: Andy Wilcox, Kansas City, MO Why do you like what you teach? My love of teaching began in fifth and sixth grades when my science teacher let us "play" with microscopes, solid-fuel rockets, and . . .