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Applying for a Grant

Education is a primary funding objective of government, private, and corporate granting agencies, and Pitsco Education products meet many of the guidelines listed by leading grant funding sources.

Successful grant writers must follow application directions exactly as they are stated. The more closely you match the grantor’s aims, the more likely your project is to be funded.

General Information You Will Need


This section should be comprehensive yet concise.

  • Identify your organization.
  • Describe your proposed project.
  • State the cost of your project and the amount you are requesting.
  • Include the timeline for your project.
  • List the expected outcomes and results.

Needs Statement

This is where you build your case and provide justification of your need.

  • Clearly state the need your proposal is addressing and why it is important.
  • Include research, literature, and data to support your argument.
  • Summarize the salient points of your proposal.

Goals and Objectives

Here you will describe your desired short- and long-term objectives.

  • Identify who your objectives will serve.
  • Use measurable and realistic objectives.
  • Make sure your objectives are consistent with your statement of need.

Project Description/Program Design

Outline your entire project and your goals for implementation.

  • Restate your objectives and goals.
  • Describe in detail how you will solve the problem outlined in your needs statement.
  • Explain why you’ve chosen this particular method. Include relevant research.
  • Outline the scope of activities that can be achieved in the allotted time.
  • List the staff involved in the project and their qualifications.
  • Describe the various activities covered and explain why they are relevant.
  • List the recipients of the project and how they will benefit.
  • Add a timeline of events/a plan for how you will implement your project.


Lay out how you will use the requested funds. Be sure to include the cost of staff, materials, and transportation.

  • Be realistic.
  • Justify your proposed costs.
  • Make sure the amount requested is adequate.
  • Include a sample spreadsheet of budget numbers.
  • Explain how your costs relate to your proposed activities.
  • Include a budget narrative if required.
  • Make sure your costs align with the purpose and requirements of the grant.
  • Include all indirect costs and overhead associated with administrative expenses.


An appendix should only be included if required by the grant.

  • List all items as they appear in the appendix.
  • Include information on the school board, superintendent, principal, and other key players.
  • Provide the qualifications of key players in the form of resumes, CVs, and so forth.
  • Include any letters of support.