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Corporate Relationships

A few of our many corporate relationships are with:

TSA logo

Technology Student Association

Dedicated to engaging students in STEM subjects, particularly through technology, TSA has more than 200,000 members from middle and high schools in 49 states. By competing in one of more than 60 competitions, students apply STEM knowledge to their project while learning organization, communication, teamwork, and other skills.

Pitsco has supported TSA since its incorporation in 1978, especially the dragster competitions. We’ve enjoyed a strong relationship with many classroom teachers who have served as TSA advisors.

Tiger Woods Learning Center logo

Tiger Woods Learning Center

Pitsco has worked with the Tiger Woods Learning Center to provide hands-on science, technology, engineering, and math programs for youth of all ages. Students who visit the center each year experience Pitsco’s STEM-based curricula and learning environment.

FIRST Tech Challenge logo

FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC)

FTC is an exciting and hands-on way to experience science and technology. Each year, the FIRST organization develops a robotics-based challenge that is focused on a very practical goal.

Pitsco is an official supplier of kits and materials for the FTC event.

Intelitek logo


Intelitek transforms education across the globe through comprehensive technology learning solutions, including curriculum packages developed in conjunction with Pitsco Education. Intelitek’s innovative tools and technologies empower instructors and inspire students to improve the world around them. The company’s sustainable support and professional development ensure the continued success of any program.

SkillsUSA logo


Partnering not just with students and teachers but also industry, SkillsUSA aims to make sure that the U.S. has a skilled workforce for the future. It emphasizes career and technical education through approximately 100 different competitions focused on areas such as CNC, carpentry, photography, health, and robotics.

Pitsco and Hearlihy have worked with SkillsUSA for several years, particularly in robotics and screen printing.

STEM East logo


STEM East, a branch of the NCEast Alliance economic development organization, connects employers and educators through a growing network of private and public partners. The STEM East Network aligns innovative education programs, such as those available from Pitsco Education, with industry initiatives to support regional career pathways, build a solid workforce, and add considerable value for relocating and expanding industries. The Eastern North Carolina Employers and Superintendents Council helps guide STEM East's efforts and initiatives.

Greenbush logo

Southeast Kansas Education Service Center (Greenbush)

The Southeast Kansas Education Service Center, located at Girard, Kansas, is the home base for centers across the state that provides school districts and families with education opportunities from migrant education and summer camps to team-building activities and leadership development.

Pitsco started worked with the center in 2014 to provide an educational camp for students and professional development for teachers.

Engineering for Kids logo

Engineering for Kids

Engineering for Kids developed a lineup of programs for children ages 4 to 14 that builds a foundation in STEM principles and problem-solving skills. From after school programs and evening classes to field trips and workshops, the company offers communities a variety of ways to explore new avenues of learning in its many franchise locations in the country.

Pitsco supplies many of the hands-on products that Engineering for Kids incorporated into its curriculum.