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Investing in the Grant Search


The text of a proposal may be sincere and substantiate expected needs but still fail as a result of the compilation and presentation of the program budget. Successful projects require a narrative that specifies the expenditure of requested funds. A summary and narrative of the dispersal of those sums is vital to the reliability of the request. The cost of requested needs from staff qualifications, materials, transportation, and salaries should be considered from the initiation of the project. Keep in mind that the evaluators of your proposal are familiar with budgetary necessities and will empathize with legitimate needs. They would not appreciate surprises in the narrative. Budgetary points to address:

  • Be realistic.
  • Justify proposed costs.
  • Make sure the amount requested is adequate.
  • Include copies of previous balance information.
  • Include a sample spreadsheet of budget numbers.
  • Explain how costs relate to proposed activities.
  • Include a budget narrative in government grant applications.
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