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Investing in the Grant Search

Objectives and Beneficiaries

It is appropriate at this point to weave connections to the donor’s specific interests into your proposal and to point out potential benefits of your desired outcomes. The purpose is to draw the donor in and hold their attention while summarizing the salient points of the proposal.

  • It is important to stay with the major points and repeat them frequently. Present the necessity of the project in greater detail. State measurable goals to be realized.
  • A positive attitude should be evident throughout, as grantors tend to appreciate those with a “go-for-it” winning attitude.
  • Detail the beneficiaries by stating the number of affected students, and note the timeline of the total process to enhance the credibility of the project. Clarification of goals and anticipated results are food for the investigative eye.
  • Include measures and means to evaluate the strategies used and a measuring timeline to describe the desired outcomes. The sustainability and long-range results of the project should enhance the overall objectives of the request. The math, science, technology, and language arts influences in our products are well documented. This information is vital to funders who wish to know their contribution will make a measurable difference.
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