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Investing in the Grant Search

Structure of the Proposal

Needs Statement/Purpose/Goals/Objectives

  • This is where you build the case and provide justification of your particular need.
  • The purpose is to draw the donor in and hold their attention while summarizing the salient points of the proposal. It is important to stay with the major points and repeat them frequently.
  • Goals are the desired outcomes to be achieved by the end of the grant period. They are visions, so describe the benefits of those visions.
  • Objectives demonstrate measurable change. These changes must not be exaggerated, and specific methods of validation should be presented. Examples could include test score improvement, attendance, scores for ESL students, or enhanced technological growth on the part of students or staff. The employed strategies and variety of methodologies utilized will explain the design and goals.

Title Page of the Requested Project

Utilize the form provided by the granting body, or if creating one of your own, incorporate the following:

  • Organization name (school district/school name)
  • Address, telephone, fax, and zip code
  • Chief contact agent for the proposal
  • Date of submission

Concise Summarization of the Proposal

Introductory paragraphs should be brief, as should the entire request. The entire proposal should be no more than two to five pages in length. Introduce your organization and its role in the world of education. Appendices can be attached to provide any additional information such as graphs and statistical validation. Take advantage of this opportunity to boast a little about past glories, yet do not denigrate the quest at hand. Thus, the introductory paragraphs – no more than two – should be precise.

  • The meat of your request must be stated confidently, logically, and thoroughly while striving for an element of uniqueness to capture the immediate interest of the donor.
  • Requests must be intelligible, as you cannot presuppose the reader is as familiar with the issue as you are; the reader is asked to donate, not differentiate.
  • It is vital that the sum requested be announced in this early summation, as such knowledge gives the reader a road map for their evaluation of the proposal.
  • The need for assistance and the solution to the problem must be clearly presented. If the request is for a Pitsco lab, the financing will play differently than it would for an individual product. Therefore, the cost should be prominently mentioned.

Note: A well-written initial summary could be the major factor in acquiring a successful response.

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