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Parts packs expand reach of TETRIX® MAX

Parts range from structural elements to wheels to gears to motors and more

PITTSBURG, KS (February 9, 2017) – Pitsco Education always aims to improve the TETRIX® Robotics experience. With the creation of new TETRIX MAX parts packs, getting the specific parts needed to expand the design of a robot is easier than ever.

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Eight different TETRIX MAX parts packs feature a huge assortment of specialty parts and pieces. These include:

  • Structure Pack
  • Hardware Pack
  • Tubes Pack
  • DC Motor Pack
  • Servo Motor Pack
  • Advanced Gear Pack
  • Wheel Pack
  • Hub and Axle Pack

"In the past, there were only two ways to get parts from TETRIX. You could buy a complete set or you could buy parts a la carte," said Pitsco Education Robotics Application Specialist Tim Lankford. "You had to make a complete list of things if you needed to get more than one item. It wasn't the most convenient way. We needed something in the middle, so we came up with these parts packs, which are a great value for educators."

The number of elements in each pack varies. For example, students looking to expand a robot with new channels could purchase the TETRIX MAX Structure Pack, which offers 70 additional structural elements such as channels of various lengths, a variety of flats in different lengths, and an assortment of brackets. On the other hand, the TETRIX MAX Wheel Pack comes with 38 elements such as 3" and 4" omni wheels; 3" and 4" wheels; a set of all-terrain tires; and an assortment of axles, bushings, and set collars. These packs give students the elements they need, while also giving them new elements for experimentation.

"The packs encourage the use of elements you might not have used before," said Lankford. "We put in some of the newer elements or less-frequently used elements to encourage builders to use pieces they might not have seen before. This really lets students experiment and expand on their designs in ways they might not originally have planned."

Each of the packs is designed to give students what they need to build robots for classroom or competition. Pitsco Education strives to improve the robotics experience, and the TETRIX MAX parts packs are another step toward that end. For more information about TETRIX and the parts packs, check out www.TETRIXrobotics.com.




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